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University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine Supplemental Application for Admission
Class of 2022
The following information is required to set up your access to the On-Line Application process. You can return to work on your application over time, using the login information you specify here.
Select a Login Name This is the name you will use to log in to this site. It is not generally displayed on your application or used for any other purpose than access. You can use letters and numbers only and it must be at least 8 characters long and connot exceed 50 characters. It is not case sensitive.
Select a Login Password This is the password you will use to log in to this site. You can use letters, numbers and the following characters: ~!@#-_. Your password must be at least 8 characters long and cannot exceed 50 characters. It is case sensitive.
Re-type Login Password Since the password is hidden as you type it, you must enter it a second time to ensure there was no typing error.
Enter your E-Mail address (please make sure to use the same one for this application and the VMCAS application) Please use the same email address for this application as you used/will use for the VMCAS application. This address will be used for all admissions correspondences. You will receive a confirmation notice to this address once your registration is submitted. It is your responsibility to ensure that your email account will accept incoming mail from addresses ending in "".
Enter your name as you prefer to have it displayed during this application process This is how your name will be displayed throughout the web site. It is not the official name which will become a part of your application; just enter what you prefer displayed when using this site. This should be between 3 and 50 characters long.

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